Lieu-dit Hohrain


The origin of the name of this lieu-dit came later, probably in the late 16th or 17th century. It was annotated on an 18th century map under the name of "Horein" or "Hochrein"; from hoch: which means “high, elevated” in German and “rein” which means “the edge of the forest”. Today, Hohrain is understood as meaning "high butte". It became part of the family property starting from the 18th century.


The lieu-dit Hohrain, as the Grand Cru Pfersigberg, is made up of conglomerate limestone of the Bajocian (around -170 Ma, Jurassic period) and is rich in marine fossils. It is in fact on the same hill as this Grand Cru, but on its northeast slope. This cooler site is the ideal terroir for the early-ripening grape variety Pinot Gris: the ripening occurs more slowly, which better preserves the acidity of the grape.


This great terroir, which we have dedicated to Pinot Gris, expresses all the purity of the shell limestone by giving the grapes an elegant acidity and a beautiful saline structure.